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16:37 09-26-2019
Hi, saw your beautiful babies on you tube. I have been trying to find a lil sister for my girl, Fancy. Got her after I retired, when she was 7 weeks (my first dog ever). Love her so much. Want to get on your wait list. Thanks
19:57 07-24-2019
Like tea cup yorkies
14:54 06-18-2019
Plz looking for a girl no breeding rights
16:17 04-23-2019
Love the look of your babies. I am definitely going to wait for one to come available. I will be in touch
02:48 04-19-2019
I have looked all over & nobody has such beautiful lil babies like yours! They are so precious & everyone of them no matter the color is absolutely gorgeous & so very precious! Just exactly what we are looking for & are willing to drive to Michigan from North Carolina! We must have a "priceless puppy" no matter the wait! Thank you for being an honest caring breeder!!❤
21:02 03-17-2019
Hello after doing much research and looking.. I came across your website... your lil ones are absolutely amazing and gorgeous perfect lil for babies.. your site is so informational and professional.. u can see the dedication and enjoy that u have for them.. I would truly be honor to be given the chance to own one of your lil fur babies.. I interested i would like to be added to your waiting list for and amazing tiny female teacup ..thank u in advance for your consideration..
22:59 03-13-2019
I would love to be put on the wait list for a tiny less then 5lbs yorkie, please.. application has been submitted.
Thank you kindly
Cyndi Whalen
12:12 02-20-2019
I would like to get on your waiting list for one of your tiny, beautiful females puppies! Your sires and dams are absolutely gorgeous and I love your website. I have had 2 yorkies for the last 14 years and it is time for me to start spoiling another fur baby! I hope you can help me find what I am looking for. Thank you Tanisha! I look forward to talking with you!
21:34 02-10-2019
My Babee is 14 1/2 years old. I believe she came from Jackson area. She had pancreatitis, I cook for her . I also rescued a little boy who turned out to be 11 pounds. I was told he had papers but never received them. The vet says he is a mix . He looks like a porky yorkie. He is about 5. I got him at Grasslake. I prefer to rescue . If you ever hear of a baby who needs a home ,please keep me in mind. I’m also a hospice volunteer and love to take Babee to visit. See my Facebook?
13:38 02-07-2019
Hello again Please get back to me so I can get on your waiting list as soon as possible.
Thank you
13:33 02-07-2019
I Love all the beautiful Yorkie pictures on your website. I am looking to get a new Yorkie baby to help fill our hearts up again because we lost our beloved Yorkie 3 weeks ago. I am retired and my husband is soon to be. We have no children in our home. Please add me to your waiting list.
17:35 02-03-2019
How do I get a questionnaire for the wait? Thanks Trisha
PS still stalking you
20:14 01-20-2019
Wanting a girl, your babies are adorable, I have had yorkies for 35 years, No little kids at home and I do not work outside the home, I most defiantly will not ever never breed her.left message on your Facebook and phone messaging. Thanks
Replied on: 21:32 01-20-2019

I will definitely be in touch and please keep in touch with me. Honored and flattered your interest in getting one of my puppies. Thanks so much Tanisha

14:13 01-09-2019
Hello! Your puppies are absolutely adorable. I am interested in being added to your waiting list if possible? Thank you
Replied on: 15:27 01-10-2019

Hi Karen please give me a call at+15179453291 thanks so much Tanisha

22:06 12-24-2018
Hi Tanisha & Merry Christmas to you, yours, and all your Yorkies!!!
I saw that you tried e-mailing me but Im having problems. The best
way to reach me is to call or text. I’ve been leaving you several messsages regarding the puppies but never received a reply. It saddens me to think theyre all gone
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