14:37 02-12-2023
Pat steinman
Interested in a male teacup. I need first to know how much otherwise I will go no further
08:28 02-07-2023
Michael F. Auten
Do you have puppies now (preferred female).
10:15 10-02-2022
Lynn Walk
Interested in a teacup in near future and was looking at breeders in MI.Thanks, have a nice day. #7342103604.
02:32 09-28-2022
Hello! I’m interested in a Male Yorkie and/or teacup yorkie. I would love to be added to the waiting list.
17:03 08-22-2022
Carol Kostick
Hello! I am interested in a male Yorkie. We just had to put ours down, he was bigger for a Yorkie, around 15 lbs. I am not interested in a tea cup Yorkie. We take great care in our animals and would love to have another fur baby.
Thank you,
12:01 07-28-2022
jimmy dennis
Could you please add us to your waiting list? We are looking for a female not for breeding Stickley a family pet so we would trust you in guiding us in the right direction on the mother and father..

I am located in michigan a few hours away
Thanks for any help
Jimmy Dennis
01:35 07-27-2022
Keyoung Gill

Could you please add me to your waiting list. Looking for a male. Piper is my first choice.

I am located in Pennsylvania.

Thank you.

19:24 05-28-2022
19:24 05-28-2022
10:19 05-14-2022
Lisa Willis
Hi, I would like to be placed on the waiting list for a male or female fur baby. I’ve been searching for sooo long to find the perfect baby. So many scammers out here. I’ve looked on your site of these cuties. When I finally get my new baby he/she will be pampered, spoiled rotten and never alone. Your babies are adorable Mrs.Breton.
06:49 03-27-2022
Audrey Miller
Good morning Mrs.Breton.
I spent about 30 minutes reading your website. Everything you stated, showed authority, conviction and most importantly, knowledge. It’s exactly what pulled me in. I’ve never seen a breeder with so much pride in what they do and are able to back it up!
At some point, I’d like to be placed on your waiting list. I’d like to be in line for a heart warming little man (I can’t do females) I already have one neutered male weighing 3 1/2 lbs. How he gets along with both male and female dogs, I don’t know how but he’s been like this since I got him neutered. Due to his size, he is lonely, because I refuse to allow a dog bigger than him, for fear of injuries. So I’m here to find the perfect new family member that will let us love him but, also let Charlie play with and love him too.
I’m still surrounding myself with your website, so that I can familiarize myself with all the special informative details. Once I figure out how your program works, I’ll be on my way to that sweet little man. Thank you for the straight forward explanations. It was very impressive!! Hopefully I’ll learn the navigation rather quickly.
15:32 03-01-2022
Peggy Tyler
Hi! I filled out the questionnaire and emailed it back to you requesting being put on your waiting list for a little female puppy! Pet only! I don’t know if you received the email ! It says sent but you never know about email! We have no children ! I can contact you by phone at your earliest convenience! Your puppies are absolutely adorable! Have a great day! Thank you!
14:57 02-25-2022
Sandra Johnson
Hi, I would like to get on your wait list for a puppy. We recently lost our 5lb yorkie Cody. He lived a long life and passed away at 17 years and a few months. We have never lived without a dog and really want another little baby. We don't have any children and love to travel with our dog so we love having a smaller dog. I would love to speak with you whenever you have time. Thanks!
03:24 01-01-2022
Janelle Zeleny
Hello, I am so anxious to visit via the phone as advised! In the meantime, please feel free to e-mail etc. We’ve just lost our 2 yorkies this past 6 months to natural causes both lived long 12-14 years old but still so hard for us! . My husband especially misses that little baby faced one, Mattie, with that button nose! I have been searching for the right breeder! We would love to get 2 girls. And would like to be on your list. Thanks again! Janelle Zeleny
18:32 12-31-2021
Lori Bixler
I am very much interested in adopting a teacup furbaby and would like to be added to your wait list.
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