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10:01 02-13-2013
I love this website!!! I will definitely be back once my baby is a little older
16:16 01-07-2013
Rebecca Siekierski
Hello I've been looking around for teacup Yorkie and came across your web. Very useful information you have. Thank you
21:08 12-02-2012
diana gaither
My yorkie was 2 and 1/2 pounds full grown. Do you ever have any that small?
Replied on: 21:04 04-08-2013

Diana we have puppies that small in every litter.

15:14 11-26-2012
looking for a yorkie to give a loving home too!!
07:38 10-27-2012
janet tucker
I have been looking for a tea cup yorkie for awhile.i was wanting amale that will get no more then 4 pounds. where are you located and can you tell me your price range. I enjoyed you web page. Thank you so very much
23:47 09-27-2012
cheryl michael
Hi Tanisha-stubbled on to your web site and very impressed!! Im going to read on it more and I will let you know about getting on your waiting list. Thank you.
20:42 07-02-2012
Pipo & Mia
Hi Mia,
Hope you're doing well! My mom, just donate for you're surgery and Mia an I will pray that you get well soon!

(sorry for my english, i'm from México, Pipo & Mia are my two yorkies)

17:59 06-27-2012
Hi Tanisha- I have been following your fundraising for Mia. I was only able to make a small donation but I hope it helps. I sure hope you are able to reach your goal soon so Mia can have her surgery soon. Isn't there anyway that the doctors will do the surgery and let you put a 50% down payment and make payments after that? I am worried that as you said, the sooner the surgery, the better the prognosis. I wish the best for Mia and your family. I will continue to follow your facebook.
23:30 06-02-2012
Terry Lynn May
I will come up with some idea to help. Oh I adore this little baby! So soory this is happening. I just know there are enough good people to help in getting this done for her.
21:54 06-02-2012
Hi, Tanisha! I was so sad to hear about sweet little Mia Bella's condition and shocked at how much her surgery will cost. I just made a donation and I will be praying for Mia Bella and also you too. I hope that you get all of the money needed to get her surgery ASAP.
13:01 05-23-2012
Tammy Pritt
Hi tanisha, I would like to be added to your waiting list. You can best contact me at , thank you so so sooooo much!

Greatly appreciated
16:30 02-12-2012
Dana Haddad
Hi there. I had just emailed not realizing you had this waiting list. I was looking for a boy tea cup sometime in the late spring/summer time. Do you think you'll have any litters then? Thanks so much! Dana
Replied on: 21:11 04-08-2013

Dana will will definitely have puppies around that time.

22:34 01-11-2012
Yayoi Breivik
I would like to Waiting list Please ! I am looking for Female. i like Anni or Mylie look like . also do you have a Young Female ? I just want pet.

Thank you

Yayoi Breivik From: Colorado
23:05 09-05-2011
Charliene Elm
I would like a boy if there is any. i didnt get to see any of the dogs/ puppies on your web site because i didnt know where to look.
16:20 07-07-2011
I would like to be added to the waiting list please! If I can I would like a girl! I know that you just had little gracie too! So just lemme know! thank you!!
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