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23:36 11-28-2010
Sherry Bradleys
"Your website has some of the cutest yorkies I've ever seen on the internet let alone anywhere. They are adorable and I can tell they are well taken care of. I would be honored to be able to adopt one of your adorable, cute little babies to add to our family! I cannot wait till more puppies are available! Thanks Sherry Bradley-please contact me as soon as pups are available.
23:31 11-28-2010
Tonya Trine
You have a wonderful site, well informed with a lot of information about yorkies, breeding and care. I appreciate finding such a resourceful website of information about the Yorkshire Terrier breed. I wish their were more sites on the web and great as your! Keep up the good work! Thanks so much Sincerely Tonya Trine
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