16:30 02-12-2012
Dana Haddad
Hi there. I had just emailed not realizing you had this waiting list. I was looking for a boy tea cup sometime in the late spring/summer time. Do you think you'll have any litters then? Thanks so much! Dana
Replied on: 21:11 04-08-2013

Dana will will definitely have puppies around that time.

22:34 01-11-2012
Yayoi Breivik
I would like to Waiting list Please ! I am looking for Female. i like Anni or Mylie look like . also do you have a Young Female ? I just want pet.

Thank you

Yayoi Breivik From: Colorado
23:05 09-05-2011
Charliene Elm
I would like a boy if there is any. i didnt get to see any of the dogs/ puppies on your web site because i didnt know where to look.
16:20 07-07-2011
I would like to be added to the waiting list please! If I can I would like a girl! I know that you just had little gracie too! So just lemme know! thank you!!
10:01 04-19-2011
Emily Kienbaum
Hi Tanisha, I would like to be added to your waiting list please (male or female). I can be reached through email at [email protected] or phone 989-948-1191. Thanks!!
01:18 03-14-2011
calton mc intosh
hi Tanisha, i e-mailed you once before stating i wanted one of your babies. so i need to speak to you when you have a free moment. i'll call you or you can toot me 734 529-5749. don't have yours.
12:58 03-05-2011
Teri Colby
Hi Tanisha, I am looking for a female yorkie. I understand
that you do not have any at this time but I would like to be put on your
waiting list.
17:46 01-11-2011
Kimberly Romano

Hi there! I came across your page on facebook and I fell in love! Not
only with the yorkies but with how Priceless Yorkie operates. I felt
so at ease and comfortable reading how you breed the puppies and raise
them that I knew instantly that this is where i will be getting my
puppy from. I read on the website that in Spring you will probably
have some more puppies so I REALLY hope that that is the case cos it
would work out perfectly. Please, let me know how long the waiting
list is and what I need to do to get on it. I have 2 cats right now
that I saved in Puerto Rico and am fostering a dog for a friend of
mine. We found it on the side of the road as a puppy barely alive, hit
by a car and full of mange. I've been caring for him until she moves
into her new house in february. I LOVE animals and cannot wait to get
my puppy that I can finally call my own. Thank you so much for this

PS. I "liked" your page on FB so you can check me out
23:14 01-09-2011
marlowe altman
Hi Tanisha, I am looking for a female yorkie. I understand
that you do not have any at this time but I would like to be put on your
waiting list. Also thank you for all the information your website

Thank you,"

Marlowe Altman
20:54 01-09-2011
Madden, Sandra
I am Sandy and Yorkie puppy wanted badly.
Hi,I am looking for a Yorkie puppy. I know they are very expensive but I don’t have a lot of money to spend for one.
The one thing I do have is have is a lot of love to share. It is a female. I have a lot of experience with dogs and
have wanted something small just for me.
My two children have
grown and have their own interest now and my husband he has his sports and retired. So I want my little diva that I can spoil. Please let me know if you can help me. I would so appreciate it.
We are live in Brighton, Michigan .We have two cats but they are lovely and they
are spayed. They used with dogs while my family to stop visit us. We have one gold retriever. And she passed away due cancer and she was 14 yr old. I really miss her so much and broken my heart. She was great dog for many years. I am working at University of Michigan for 27 years and my husband is retired in 2006… he can playful with her while I am working.
Thanks.Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year.
17:16 01-09-2011
Tasha Postma
Your website is beautiful.

It looks like you have quite a waiting list. I have wanted to adopt a Yorkie for a very long time but haven\'t been able to. I am hoping I will be ready soon. If I am on the waiting list now do you know how long my wait might be?

Thanks, Tasha "
21:58 01-07-2011
Amy Croff
Hi , we are looking for a male yorkie puppy from a reputable breeder. When is the next litter approximately available? We have 2 daughters, ages 8 and 13, very sweet girls, so we\'d like a puppy with a loving temperament to be part of our family. Please contact us at your convenience. Thanks!"

Amy Croff


[email protected]


21:51 01-07-2011
Peg Curry
Hi Tanisha,

Wow, what a fantastic website! It's very informative and beautiful. Presently, husband Rob and I have two dogs, German Shepherd, Lily Shyanne, age 1.5; and a Dachshund, Mason Hugh, age 5. Both live with us in the house and we do everything together. Rob is retired and I work, so the dogs are company for him while I'm gone. I'm LONGING for a small "lap" dog that I can hold in my arms or just have lay in my lap while I rock in my rocking chair. Mason prefers to sit on the back of the couch by the window on guard, and Lily would love to sit on my lap, but obviously both of us would fall over because she is a very large dog! Both of our dogs are spayed & neutered, happy and healthy, but as I get older, I want something to "hold." When you're new litter arrives this spring, would you contact me? I would love a little girl so I could put bows in her hair...I never had a little girl, only a son! I would also love to call her "Pieper Lorraine." Whatcha ' think? In any event, when you\re next litter arrives, please give us a call and thanks!


21:31 01-07-2011
Peggy Curry
Hi Tanisha,
Thanks so much for emailing me...seems every time I read something you prepare, I learn something new about Yorkies! Wow, you're fantastic and I love how you want to be in contact with the new family after the baby goes to the new home. When we brought Lily home, we thought her breeder wanted to stay in touch. I would send pictures and there would be no response. Your line of communication sounds great. At this time, I just wanted to get started in "preparing" for a new little one in our home. The arrival date of May sounds great (my birthday is 5/4). Being able to take the pup outside in the spring will be nice. But, one step at a time...first get in touch with you, finding out when the next litter is, and doing more research to make sure I'm making the right decision. I also have to consider Rob (my husband) in this decision as I work all day, and he would be the one taking care of the pup during the day together with Lily and Mason. Rob is a retired disabled Vietnam Vet who had knee replacement surgery on 9/10/10 and is just now getting around the house with a cane. By spring, we hope that he'll be able to get back into walks in the afternoon with the dogs (with a cane), so as I said before, "one step at a time." I appreciate your time emailing me, and hope to hear from you in the Spring. At that time, if I still feel the same about bringing a new "little one in our home," then I'll complete my questionnaire and see if we qualify. Again, thanks for your time and consideration. You are truly a "caring and concerned" breeder for your pups,
13:21 01-06-2011
Excellent website! I've never had a Yorkie before, so this was fantastic being able to read up on so many subjects that I had questions on. Looking forward to possibly having a new baby join our family! Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up yet, but I've already picked out her carrier, car seat, and bows for her hair! Thanks for your time in preparing this site for's appreciated!
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