21:31 01-07-2011
Peggy Curry
Hi Tanisha,
Thanks so much for emailing me...seems every time I read something you prepare, I learn something new about Yorkies! Wow, you're fantastic and I love how you want to be in contact with the new family after the baby goes to the new home. When we brought Lily home, we thought her breeder wanted to stay in touch. I would send pictures and there would be no response. Your line of communication sounds great. At this time, I just wanted to get started in "preparing" for a new little one in our home. The arrival date of May sounds great (my birthday is 5/4). Being able to take the pup outside in the spring will be nice. But, one step at a time...first get in touch with you, finding out when the next litter is, and doing more research to make sure I'm making the right decision. I also have to consider Rob (my husband) in this decision as I work all day, and he would be the one taking care of the pup during the day together with Lily and Mason. Rob is a retired disabled Vietnam Vet who had knee replacement surgery on 9/10/10 and is just now getting around the house with a cane. By spring, we hope that he'll be able to get back into walks in the afternoon with the dogs (with a cane), so as I said before, "one step at a time." I appreciate your time emailing me, and hope to hear from you in the Spring. At that time, if I still feel the same about bringing a new "little one in our home," then I'll complete my questionnaire and see if we qualify. Again, thanks for your time and consideration. You are truly a "caring and concerned" breeder for your pups,
13:21 01-06-2011
Excellent website! I've never had a Yorkie before, so this was fantastic being able to read up on so many subjects that I had questions on. Looking forward to possibly having a new baby join our family! Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up yet, but I've already picked out her carrier, car seat, and bows for her hair! Thanks for your time in preparing this site for's appreciated!
14:45 01-01-2011
I will get one just give me time they are cuties
23:36 11-28-2010
Sherry Bradleys
"Your website has some of the cutest yorkies I've ever seen on the internet let alone anywhere. They are adorable and I can tell they are well taken care of. I would be honored to be able to adopt one of your adorable, cute little babies to add to our family! I cannot wait till more puppies are available! Thanks Sherry Bradley-please contact me as soon as pups are available.
23:31 11-28-2010
Tonya Trine
You have a wonderful site, well informed with a lot of information about yorkies, breeding and care. I appreciate finding such a resourceful website of information about the Yorkshire Terrier breed. I wish their were more sites on the web and great as your! Keep up the good work! Thanks so much Sincerely Tonya Trine
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