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11:09am 08-02-2018
Theresa Morrin
I love your FB page and it was very helpfull. When I am ready I will be filling out a adoption form. In the meantime I will be checking your web page. Thank You Theresa
Replied on: 3:10pm 08-03-2018

I am beyond thrilled and honored you would considered getting your fur baby from me. Feel free to add me on Facebook and like my Facebook page Priceless Yorkie Puppy to help stay up to date with any available puppies I may have available and feel free to call when when your ready.

6:10am 06-15-2018
Cindy Beer
Hello Tanisha, as you know I am completely taken by you, your family and your beautiful Yorkie Babies. Thank you for doing what you do and helping me realise my dream of owning a extra tiny Yorkie. All The Best, Cindy, Sadi & Oscar
2:08pm 10-23-2014
Victoria Moore
Happy to see such a great website, and the you tube videos. This shows me that you are truly devoted to your dogs, and breeding beautiful heathly puppies.
I may be contacting you to be added to your waitl list. I am in no hurry, and I am willing to wait for the right time and right puppy.

*Hope your day is blessed,
Victoria Moore
2:42pm 10-14-2014
Linda Morgan
Loved seeing your web page. I had no idea that they came that small! The adults are really beautiful. Thank you for showing your beautiful dogs and tiny little puppies.
1:38am 10-05-2014
Gladys Rodriguez
Hi, I am looking hoping to be on your waiting list, I think this is it. I called and emailed you guys but I have not received a response. I am interested in buying a baby teacup female yorkie. I am looking for a cute round faced one that has some tan around her face and black... But more tan around her eyes than black... I am looking for a smaller sized yorkie that will be 2-3 Pounds full grown...I have already started buying things for when I have her... I can't wait, hope to hear from you guys soon, thanks Gladys
3:03am 06-14-2014
Hi My name is Yessenia I am looking for a Female Teacup yorkie for sale 6-8 weeks old,I Gust wanted to know if you have any available right now, and were are you located ? also what is the minimum prices for one ?

Thank you very much
8:37pm 03-28-2013
jennifer george
beautiful puppies i just lost my little girl of 14 years miss her so much am looking for another very small blonde silver and tan female about 3 to 5 lbs preferably on the smaller side i am retired and live in auburndale florida have a fenced in backyard and no other pets
2:42am 03-25-2013
yolanda graham
Hey just recently my family and I just lost our 3 year-old Pekingese name blackjack he had a herina. He was the best bog everyone loved him. My family an I need another pup in our lives we need that hole in our hearts close so I think an teacup will suite us best
11:31pm 02-26-2013
Lynn Atwood
Your babies are beautiful. We lost our precious Tess in July. She was almost 14. Our hearts are still broken from her loss, she was SO special. We are hoping to find another friend, when our hearts can share again. Thank you for letting me look.
10:01am 02-13-2013
I love this website!!! I will definitely be back once my baby is a little older
4:16pm 01-07-2013
Rebecca Siekierski
Hello I've been looking around for teacup Yorkie and came across your web. Very useful information you have. Thank you
9:08pm 12-02-2012
diana gaither
My yorkie was 2 and 1/2 pounds full grown. Do you ever have any that small?
Replied on: 9:04pm 04-08-2013

Diana we have puppies that small in every litter.

3:14pm 11-26-2012
looking for a yorkie to give a loving home too!!
7:38am 10-27-2012
janet tucker
I have been looking for a tea cup yorkie for awhile.i was wanting amale that will get no more then 4 pounds. where are you located and can you tell me your price range. I enjoyed you web page. Thank you so very much
11:47pm 09-27-2012
cheryl michael
Hi Tanisha-stubbled on to your web site and very impressed!! Im going to read on it more and I will let you know about getting on your waiting list. Thank you.
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